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Martens 17 days ago

Breakfast Plate

This is a meal the whole family will enjoy. Your choice of eggs (we like scrambled) which are delicately cooked to perfection, not overcooked or rubbery. Comes with fruit, deliciously seasoned breakfast potatoes cut into squares and pan toasted, giving them the perfect texture-crunchy on outside, soft and smooth on the inside. We like bacon of the side. Also, we order banana donuts as they are moist, full of flavor with the most flavorful caramel glaze to top them off. Not deep fried like other donuts, homemade and cared, melt in your mouth enjoyment. As COVID has happened, we have enjoyed ordering ahead and picking up at the drive up window. This way of taking out has not taken away the quality whatsoever. Boxed carefully, biodegradable packaging, with care not to just throw things on top of one another like one giant doggie bag. Some of our favorite breakfast items we have tried are the Raspberry Fritters. They taste like regular crepes, but with a fairly different texture and lighter flavor. Fill you up fast and great to share. So unique and fun to try. The breakfast burrito comes packed and cut in half, such a lovely presentation. Have tried the Breakfast Sandwich (huge and top quality), Eggs Benedict, and Veggie Scramble. Came with coworkers for lunch, and while its very good (soups, sandwiches, salads), much prefer breakfast/lunch. Had their catering company bring wonderful array of party food for my mother in laws 60th birthday a few years back, catered to our backyard in August. Did not disappoint! Guests were raving about the food and all wanted to know where it came from. Great service and friendly staff make this place a neighborhood gem. Love not having to go far for top quality ingredients and to quench a craving.

Sherri 28 days ago

Eggs Benedict*

I have had many meals at Bistro76. Every single meal has been fabulous! I miss going in the restaurant! Everyone working there is so happy, kind and gracious. Everyone there is so uplifting! I can't wait to sit inside with everyone again. Thank you.

Margomurphy100 28 days ago

76 Cheeseburger

Actually it was the take and bake chicken pot pie, garlic mash and wedge salad. Picked it up last Friday, it was delicious. Every item was fresh and tasty! Oh yeah, also added two pieces of the chocolate cake that was in the case. Your food is so good, we will definitely be coming in soon.

Amands2332 about 1 month ago

Eggs Benedict*

Was craving eggs Benedict so I did take out here, amazing! Hollandaise sauce perfectly creamy, flavorful, good portion ham! Poached eggs on point. Potatoes crisped to perfection. Will come back again!

Genamaranto about 2 months ago


Delicious Fresh house made everything. Brunch was outstanding, excellent service, relaxing atmosphere.

Laurajeanbowers about 2 months ago

76 Breakfast Burrito

Best breakfast burrito in town! Every time I tell my friends about but they thank me :D

Oliviadubois992 2 months ago

Smoked Salmon Toast

So delicious, fresh, and mouthwatering! This is a wonderful treat and the salmon is just perfect.

Rebecca 2 months ago

House-Made Biscuit

I ordered for the first time for Easter Brunch and am so glad I did!! The eggs, ham, broccoli salad, biscuits and cinnamon rolls were all fresh and delicious and the presentation was beyond anything I expected with beautiful garnish. It made our family's Easter so special and allowed me to enjoy more time with my family while still feeling good about giving them food that was still made with love and caređŸ’— My only regret was I didn't get the mimosas to time!! I hope you guys offer something like this for Mother's Day!!

Ila 3 months ago

Cuban Pork Hash*

This is the only one I've ever seen on a menu. I got it because I'm obsessed with Cubano sandwiches and now it's the only thing I'll order (my fiance is obsessed with the corned beef hash). The mustard sauce is so freaking good, and combined with the pickled veggies and perfectly braised pork... Get a biscuit and then be prepared to be sad before you can finish it.

Hlm928 3 months ago

Rice Fritters

These are seriously the best! I had never heard of rice fritters so it really was a treat to try something different. They are light and delicious, a perfect breakfast.

Ltlattin 3 months ago

Eggs Benedict*

We picked this up for a treat for lunch while we are quarantining at home. It was better than we remembered. The eggs were done perfectly, the potatoes were very well done (crispy) and the ham was plentiful. The portion sizes are generous. We will have the second half of our entrees for breakfast tomorrow:) Thank you,

Kimschiff 3 months ago

Eggs Benedict*

Oh we also had the French toast. Always great, and fresh, and nice:)

Leesakeolani 3 months ago

Bacon Or Smokehouse Ham

Hello, A friend and I tried your lovely restaurant for the first time one week before the governor's announcement of closures due to Covid19. We had plans to meet there again the following Friday because of the amazing food and service we had received. But sadly could not. During our visit, I said to my friend, this is the best breakfast I have ever had in my whole life! She smiled and said she felt the same way. I wanted to say thank you for providing such a wonderful place in our community. My prayers for peace and good health during this challenging time. God bless you and yours

Lizzi491 3 months ago

Eggs Benedict*

The Eggs Benedict is one of my favorites- hands down the best hollandaise sauce I have ever had! Pouched eggs are perfect, and the country potatoes are seasoned and crispy, just the way I like it! You won't regret it!

Bergj 3 months ago

(1) Rice Fritter

Everything on the menu is AMAZING, however my favorite by far is the Rice Fritters! The thin pancake-like fritters with butter, sugar and raspberry sauce makes this dish delectable! I would recommend this to anyone!

Emily 4 months ago

Cuban Pork Hash*

Bistro 76 has been my most favorite addition to the neighborhood. Having such amazing food and a comfortable place to meet friends or just pop in solo to work has been such a delight. The Bistro has become a highlight of the neighborhood. I recommend the cuban pork hash highly! So delicious with the perfect amount of flavor and spice! I'm craving it now. Thanks for being a part of the neighborhood Bistro 76!

Billwalty 4 months ago

The Reuben

I live local and Perrinville has always been quaint area. I have been eating at Bistro 76's for several years and their Reuben sandwich is the best I have ever had they slow roast the meat to perfection. The staff are always friendly with bright smiles! They also have several other dishes that are very good. I highly recommend them for an exceptional meal.

Kristincalkins11 4 months ago

Corned Beef Hash*

Hands down this is my Fiances and I's favorite restraunt to go to! There food is beyond amazing and the restraunt is just sooo cute as it has a rustic feel to it. They have so many amazing dishes as it is honestly so hard to choose from! One of my all time favorites is the corned beef hash as it is so full filling and has a ton of flavor. Not only is there food good, but you definitely have to have a cup of there coffee maybe two.. and don't get me started about there pastry/baked goods case! We both love there coffee cakes! Definitely a must try and go to restraunt, you will not regret making the time and drive to it!

B 4 months ago

House Made Biscuits & Gravy

Biscuits and gravy are one of my favorites, but tend to be a let down at most places, being basic and bland. The biscuits and gravy at Bistro 76 are flavorful and definitely did not disappoint. The biscuit was perfect and never got soggy and the sausage mushroom gravy was amazing!

Raeckers3 4 months ago

Sausage & Asparagus Scramble

Fabulous!! It's my favorite breakfast entree and I almost cried yesterday when I saw that it's not on the new menu đŸ˜©

Vivsbox 27 days ago


This is the most fantastic sandwich ever! I'm vegetarian, so I order it with smoked salmon instead of the bacon. With the heirloom tomatoes and a side of soup, it is amazing! Bistro76 is a hidden gem!

Marydavis15 28 days ago

76 Cheeseburger

Really great burger, best I have had.

Sguzman4400 about 1 month ago

Corned Beef Hash*

This is our go to breakfast place. The atmosphere is perfecfect. I love their Hash because it isn't something you see on ever menu. The only down side is their bake goods are way to tempting and my will power crumbles everytime.

Jaycee about 1 month ago

Eggs Benedict*

Bistro 76 is my new favorite beakfast spot! Everything that I have tried is absolutely delicious. The eggs benedict (my favourite breakfast dish) is the best I ever had. I would highly recommend. I have also tried the rice fritters and breakfast burrito and they did not disappoint. I think anything you order will be great. I did a take out situation for my mom who was in town for mother's day and she cannot wait to eat here again. Thank you guys so much for being an amazing go to place and now open for take out. I appreciate the kind staff as well. I live in Seattle and although Edmonds is not too far away it is worth the drive.

Laurajeanbowers about 2 months ago

Corned Beef Hash*

This is my other favourite! You can't go wrong with this breakfast

Katiewatkins55 about 2 months ago

Eggs Benedict*

I love this dish!! It is one of my favorites that I get a lot of places, but this one is so delish! The sauce is perfect and it pairs nicely with the best fried potatoes!!! They have the BEST banana maple mini donuts too! I usually order a big batch for parties. And their iced coffee is sooo good! Love this place!

Madison 2 months ago

Classic Breakfast Plate*

I love this place! Their breakfast dishes are amazing and I try to take all my friends here when we plan brunch. Their pastries are so delicious and fresh. My family even ordered their take home meal during quarantine and I cannot believe how amazing it was! Freshly made pasta with bolognese sauce, meatballs, caesar salad, and fresh ciabatta bread that was to die for. Highly recommend this great bistro!

Locketsbyvera 2 months ago

Yakisoba Stir Fry

I have been going to Bistro for as long as they have been opened. This is my favorite go to place. I bring all my out of town clients and they always walk away raving about their meal. I finally tried something new and I was not at all disappointed. The BLT is my usual regular. Everyone is so inviting and engaging. Thank you for bringing a smile to my day.

Radasst 3 months ago

Eggs Benedict*

This is my absolute favorite breakfast place and you can't go wrong with ANYTHING on the menu! I always have a hard time deciding between the eggs benedict and corned beef hash. The portions are big and i either end up eating it all and I am to full or sometimes take it home for a snack later. Most the time i just eat it all because it's that good!! It's our family's get together place.

Sunnystrong 3 months ago

Eggs Benedict*

Wait. I usually resist potatoes. When Bistro's Eggs Benedict arrives, I nod at the two perfectly poached eggs topped with tasty ham(not lunchmeat), but then spear several warm, seasoned, juicy, crunchy potatoes.Mmmmm.

Pkinberg 3 months ago

Cuban Pork Hash*

I could eat this every day. One of my favorite things of all time. Delicious!!

Barbaras 3 months ago

(1) Rice Fritter

This is one of the most unique breakfast items I have ever had ! Flavor is outstanding and if you are gluten free this is perfect !

Marnimuir62 3 months ago

Roasted Chicken & Black Kale Salad

My absolute new favorite salad! Double yum for sure!

Nelson 3 months ago

76 Breakfast Burrito

I eat here every couple weeks and this is the best breakfast burrito around. I order it every time and their salsa that goes with it is delicious.

Aaroncravens13 3 months ago


I've noticed Bistro 76 consistently makes perfectly cooked poached and over-easy eggs; now I can add steak to that list. Not only was it perfectly cooked to order but it was the most tender flank steak I've ever had and the espresso rub gave it delicious flavor. If you love steak and eggs, you will not be disappointed. P.S. The Smoked Pan Fried Breakfast Potatoes are also delicious! I love this place. P.P.S. Their lattes are sooo good.

Ericajmorgan 4 months ago


I've been to Bistro 76 many times and have loved every meal I've had. I've enjoyed the tacos, the hambuger, and the entree size salads. Last week I enjoyed the BLT which was delicious! The chef uses herloom tomatoes, thick cut bacon, avocado and the most amazing bread to create a sandwich I would order again and again. I've also tried many of the pastries. My friend loves the small banana cake bundts, I love the huge scones. I also love that I can get a real latte or espresso with my treat. When my coworkers ask where I want to get lunch, I always say Bistro 76. I highly recommend Bistro 76 for a great place to grab take out or for a sit down meal!

Ekyleen 4 months ago

Classic Breakfast Plate*

Guys. My hubby and I are OBSESSED with Bistro 76! Not only is their food and baked goods absolutely friggin' divine, but their staff are the best people to interact with! Bistro isn't just a place to eat for us, it's a place to see friends! I highly recommend coming to visit, order literally anything from the menu. You will not be disappointed. -C&E

Terri3girls 4 months ago

Corned Beef Hash*

Love, love, love the Corned Beef Hash. It is made from scratch and that is rare. Not only is the best Corned Beef Hash in town, the portion is so large that it can easily be shared. However, I don't like to share! Craving is so much so now, that I'm heading over to get breakfast now. Yum!

Ellenw24 4 months ago

Roasted Beet Salad

So good! Who knew something with beets would be my go-to lunch? I love this salad. Sometimes I order it with soup, sometimes as a stand-alone. Either way, it never fails to deliver a party to my mouth.

Leraascook 4 months ago

Forest Mushroom, Tomato & Spinach Scramble

My husband and my favorite morning includes a trip down the hill to Bistro 76 where we each enjoy a Forest Mushroom, Tomato & Spinach Scramble. This tasty dish includes fresh mushrooms and spinach lightly cooked with halved cherry tomatoes and topped with just a little cheese. Accompanying it are some sort of tasty grilled potatoes and, in our case, whole wheat toast. The serving is exactly the right size to stick with us well into the afternoon. And need I mention their coffee is excellent? Well, it is. On the rare occasions I would like something different , my gaze down the extensive menu usually comes to rest on the breakfast parfait. Take plain yogurt and cover it generously with a house-made, pecan-filled granola and you have its base. Topped with always-fresh fruit, this dish is light, tasty and, especially during summer months, a choice not to be missed. Finally, the restaurant's service is prompt and courteous. We particularly like the cheery "Good Morning"s we always receive when we enter. We highly recommend Bistro 76 to our friends and neighbors.


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