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Ekyleen 16 days ago

Classic Breakfast Plate*

Guys. My hubby and I are OBSESSED with Bistro 76! Not only is their food and baked goods absolutely friggin' divine, but their staff are the best people to interact with! Bistro isn't just a place to eat for us, it's a place to see friends! I highly recommend coming to visit, order literally anything from the menu. You will not be disappointed. -C&E

Terri3girls 27 days ago

Corned Beef Hash*

Love, love, love the Corned Beef Hash. It is made from scratch and that is rare. Not only is the best Corned Beef Hash in town, the portion is so large that it can easily be shared. However, I don't like to share! Craving is so much so now, that I'm heading over to get breakfast now. Yum!

Ellenw24 29 days ago

Roasted Beet Salad

So good! Who knew something with beets would be my go-to lunch? I love this salad. Sometimes I order it with soup, sometimes as a stand-alone. Either way, it never fails to deliver a party to my mouth.

Leraascook about 1 month ago

Forest Mushroom, Tomato & Spinach Scramble

My husband and my favorite morning includes a trip down the hill to Bistro 76 where we each enjoy a Forest Mushroom, Tomato & Spinach Scramble. This tasty dish includes fresh mushrooms and spinach lightly cooked with halved cherry tomatoes and topped with just a little cheese. Accompanying it are some sort of tasty grilled potatoes and, in our case, whole wheat toast. The serving is exactly the right size to stick with us well into the afternoon. And need I mention their coffee is excellent? Well, it is. On the rare occasions I would like something different , my gaze down the extensive menu usually comes to rest on the breakfast parfait. Take plain yogurt and cover it generously with a house-made, pecan-filled granola and you have its base. Topped with always-fresh fruit, this dish is light, tasty and, especially during summer months, a choice not to be missed. Finally, the restaurant's service is prompt and courteous. We particularly like the cheery "Good Morning"s we always receive when we enter. We highly recommend Bistro 76 to our friends and neighbors.

Stevelew47 about 1 month ago

Eggs Benedict*

Everything is top drawer at the Bistro. Service and staff are excellent. All the food is done right. My favorite is the eggs Benedict. Done to perfection. Eggs are done just right. Slightly runny , muffins toasted perfect and the potatoes nicely toasty and perfectly done. It's my go to place for breakfast. Go early because they do get busy!

Tmcast about 1 month ago

Eggs Benedict*

Amazing food and wonderful service. Can't wait to come back.

Jamie about 2 months ago

Corned Beef Hash*

It was a full dish, great meat, best I have had, it was really worth coming back, and the preserves for my toast was epic too!

Jcjencampbell about 2 months ago

Forest Mushroom, Tomato & Spinach Scramble

Decadent, bursting with flavor and perfectly paired with the most perfectly browned and seasoned breakfast potatoes....the forest mushroom, tomato & spinach scramble exceeded my expectations! Each bite was one to be savored and appreciated for the wonderful combination of ingredients used. The presentation of the plate was beautiful as well. I highly recommend this palate pleasing entree! And if you are looking for a sweet treat to finish off your meal, the banana bread doughnuts are beyond what words can describe- you have to try one (or two!).

Kaylynn about 2 months ago

Classic Breakfast Plate*

There is something simple but also great about a classic breakfast meal and Bistro 76 has perfected this!! All of the ingredients are quality and its consistently wonderful food each time. Breakfast spots are hard to find but this is our favourite.

Hnorton6 2 months ago

House-Made Maple Pecan Parfait

Most amazing parfait with blackberries and perfectly crunchy granola. The hint of honey was just enough sweetness to make this meal.

Tlmatteo 3 months ago

Corned Beef Hash*

Meaty, Fresh, Runny Egg Deliciousness!!! Wonderful neighborhood bistro - gotta try!!

Sacholn 3 months ago

Corned Beef Hash*

This is the one corned beef hash my picky 5 year old will eat. It's delicious and we've been going since the Bistro opened. My family from out of town always asks to eat here just for this dish!

Xoxlulu 3 months ago

Cuban Pork Hash*

Honestly, how can I pick one favorite, when everything we tried at Bistro 76 has been a delight, to all of our senses! I simply picked the very first thing we ever had here. Calling this "hash" is like calling the Seattle Library a building. It arrives at the table, and you are immediately intrigued. The smells are lovely. You start in, and each taste is a new surprise. Every time we return, we are delighted. From the staff, to the wine section and decor, definitely one of our favorite PNW favorites!

Cougarsvt 3 months ago

Forest Mushroom, Tomato & Spinach Scramble

We came here for our last date breakfast before the holidays, and it was everything we love about date breakfast - cozy ambiance, friendly and cheerful service, and masterfully crafted food. This dish was such a treat - the vegetables were tasty and not watery at all. The eggs were soft and hugged the veggies without being rubbery or bland. The coffee was so good that I didn't have to add my usual amount of sugar. Finally, they were very accommodating when I asked for substitutions on the potatoes and bread. (Though I had the potatoes here a month ago and WOW).

Jess 4 months ago

Eggs Benedict*

These people really take care of you. They've been catering to my dietary restrictions for years and have always been gracious about it. I get their Benedict with salmon in lieu of ham, and tomato slices in place of the muffin. It's delicious. The eggs are poached perfectly, the potatoes are spiced just right, and the whole thing is smothered in a hollandaise sauce that's obviously been made from scratch. I can't go a week without a breakfast at Bistro 76.

Mulvihillpc 4 months ago

Corned Beef Hash*

This is the best corned beef hash in the state. Its always fresh and delicious. The staff are always cheerful and helpful. The place is clean and welcoming. My family has been coming here since it opened. We have had lunch and brunches for easter and mothers day; they were all fantastic. You need to come try the food here - you will not be dissapointed.

Dirteater421 4 months ago

Maple Bacon Fritters

Amazing! Great food and wonderful service! Thank you and God bless!

Reblyn99 4 months ago

Corned Beef Hash*

First time ever ordering or 'dining' upon corned beef hash...your rendition impressive. Delicious and topped with perfectly prepared eggs. Will order this menu item again.

Ktvolkle 5 months ago

The Reuben

Absolutely the best Rueben sandwich I've had!

Angela 5 months ago


This sandwich is delicious! I asked for bacon on the side and avocado in place of it (I'm vegetarian, my husband ate my bacon) and it was amazing. I loved the red onions and the aioli was *perfect*.. great all around!

Kristincalkins11 16 days ago

Corned Beef Hash*

Hands down this is my Fiances and I's favorite restraunt to go to! There food is beyond amazing and the restraunt is just sooo cute as it has a rustic feel to it. They have so many amazing dishes as it is honestly so hard to choose from! One of my all time favorites is the corned beef hash as it is so full filling and has a ton of flavor. Not only is there food good, but you definitely have to have a cup of there coffee maybe two.. and don't get me started about there pastry/baked goods case! We both love there coffee cakes! Definitely a must try and go to restraunt, you will not regret making the time and drive to it!

B 28 days ago

House Made Biscuits & Gravy

Biscuits and gravy are one of my favorites, but tend to be a let down at most places, being basic and bland. The biscuits and gravy at Bistro 76 are flavorful and definitely did not disappoint. The biscuit was perfect and never got soggy and the sausage mushroom gravy was amazing!

Raeckers3 about 1 month ago

Sausage & Asparagus Scramble

Fabulous!! It's my favorite breakfast entree and I almost cried yesterday when I saw that it's not on the new menu đŸ˜©

Mattro12 about 1 month ago

Pan Fried Breakfast Potatoes

If you get breakfast and don't get these potatoes, you are doing it wrong. The best in the Seattle area.

Beganev about 1 month ago

Sausage & Asparagus Scramble

Best scramble! The asparagus is crispy and not overcooked, the combination of sausage, the amazing cheese and asparagus scrambled all together, you can't go wrong.

J about 1 month ago

Cuban Pork Hash*

Bistro is a local gem. Everything we've ordered has been delicious. Great food, great service.

Adelinalulo about 2 months ago

Classic Breakfast Plate*

The best breakfast I ever had:). Beautiful plate, perfect portion. Homemade jam, so yummy

Zoeegirl3 about 2 months ago

Eggs Benedict*

The problem that I have when we come to Bistro 76 is that I want to order one of everything; everything I've ever ordered has been delicious every time. However, I find myself coming back to the Benedict most often because of the small details that make up a terrific dish. Muffin toasted perfectly, sauce seasoned just right, and the proportions are done just right to get a taste of everything in each bite.

Skarabashlieva 2 months ago

76 Breakfast Burrito

The service at Bistro 76 is always spot on! I'm not an early riser myself, so I admire the positive energy the servers provide to their guests. I recently had their lovely breakfast burrito. The spinach wrap is right up my alley and the flavors all work really well together. I love that they give you a little side of fruit (watermelon especially)! Would highly recommend trying out Bistro 76 if you haven't already. It's the perfect neighborhood spot for a beer and some brunch, or for takeout.

Deanna 3 months ago

Maple Bacon Fritters

I've been to this hidden gem twice and can't wait to go back! They use quality ingredients and have a cozy atmosphere. I love their maple bacon fritters! (Which is a GF pancake with a bacon inside.) It is a little sweet for a full meal but it is delicious. I also really like the biscuits and gravy! Rich but oh so good. They also do specialty coffee. Love this one!

Sacholn 3 months ago

Classic Breakfast Plate*

Best classic breakfast served in town! The bacon is superb and the eggs are always cooked perfectly!

Eunicepang 3 months ago

Breakfast Sandwich*

I liked the cafe atmosphere with a fire place in the corner and coffee and drink bar on the side as well. Place is very welcoming. Best part is their homemade jam.

Jenniferroeter 3 months ago

Cuban Pork Hash*

To say the Cuban Pork Hash is the most incredible thing I've tasted would be an understatement. Every single bite was delectable, the eggs - perfectly poached, the smokey pulled pork & black beans - amazing, the pickled onions - the essential acidity - were all out of this world. What I really enjoyed was the attention to detail with the mustard crema...who knew that it was crucial to have a little bit of this sauce with every bite? And there is the perfect amount on your plate - not over sauced. To truly enjoy, each bite requires you to carefully put each ingredient on your fork to fully savor, then taking a moment after tasting I promise you a satisfied ahhhhhhhh. Also, those little micro cilantro greens aren't there just as a garnish - they heighten all the flavors of this dish. I thank the food gods this Cuban Pork Hash! You will too!!

Greg 3 months ago

Forest Mushroom, Tomato & Spinach Scramble

I thoroughly enjoyed this delicious and very robust stuffed omelette - the mushrooms making a dynamic addition. In addition, the potatoes were smashing - lots of flavor! Great rye bread. I look forward to ordering this again on a return visit!

Allisonbrenferris 4 months ago

Maple Bacon Fritters

We have been coming here since the Bistro opened. 99% of the time my husband and I both order the corned beef hash. The eggs are always perfectly poached, the meat tender and savory, and the potatoes well seasoned and a little crunchy. It's our favorite breakfast in the area.

Thnknelson 4 months ago

Sausage & Asparagus Scramble

Homey atmosphere, delicious food, friendly waitresses, a great place to Fellowship!

Seattle 4 months ago

76 Breakfast Burrito

My husband and I came here after moving into the area. We shared the breakfast burrito and the breakfast sandwich with lox. They have a smaller menu which means that they can focus on what they do best - Pacific Northwest inspired fresh food. The food was amazing and we will for sure be back to try the rest of the menu!

Angela 5 months ago

Forest Mushroom, Tomato & Spinach Scramble

This was a very tasty dish!! The eggs had the perfect amount of mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach in them and was a generous (but not over-filling) size. The potatoes were perfectly seasoned and cooked. The toast was perfectly toasted and their homemade jam was amazing on it. This dish solidified in mine and my husband's mind that Bistro 76 is our new go-to breakfast and lunch spot.

Runlolo 5 months ago

House-Made Biscuit

Biscuits and gravy is not my favorite dish at my favorite breakfast restaurant, but I have to review this item because I've never liked this dish before I tried it at Bistro 76. The biscuit is so flaky, and the gravy is so creamy and flavorful with the bits of sausage in the gravy. This is true home cooking from scratch, which is why I probably never liked this dish before! So delicious !

Lisalewis 5 months ago


This modern version of a classic is sooo good! The pickled red onions and pesto take this sandwich to another level! All the food here is wonderful! We have dined here for breakfast and lunch many times! Won't disappoint!


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